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Mental Health Stability for 911 Dispatchers and First Responders

It's time we are here for you

like you are here for us.

Depression, calling in sick and retention are all issues caused by stress.


Bridging The Gap provides training to enhance the psychological and physical lives of 911 Dispatchers and first responders. In order for emergency services personnel to efficiently help those in needs their mental stability is important.  Not only is it important for the citizens they serve but it will help reduce the issue with the high turnover rate in emergency service field and it will improve employee morale. The training will bring awareness to the psychological issues caused by excessive stress, how to recognize the symptoms, and provide methods to minimize the effects of stress.


Bridging the gap to enhance the working performance and mental stability of those who help others.

  • Stress and Adrenaline Management Training

  • Mental Health Stability Training 

  • Mental Health Response Training 

  • Crisis Intervention Stress Management 

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